Let the cloud pass through you.
Become one with it.

Kamil, The Wandering Cloud

This leg of the Pennine Way was the shortest of all my days on the trail. Just 14 miles from Horton in Ribblesdale to Hawes. It was to be a cloudy day and, sadly, with little visibility for some time. I definitely lost some good views on the way.

On this stretch, the route takes one mostly north, a just a little bit to the east by the end of it. The first 3 miles rise slowly and gently along some rather puzzling-looking pots next to the dirt road such Cross Pot and Cowskull Pot.

Upon reaching Langstroth Dale Road, it turns westwards for a very short while towards… you guessed it… Calf Holes! By this stage, I had left the majority of other walkers – one or two groups of ramblers. This was a damp day and already we were all dreiched upon. The route swings very gently north again and passes Cave Hill and Fair Bottom Hill.

Now. after about 5 miles out of Horton in Ribblesale, the trail reaches Ling Gill and its Ling Gill Beck.

It was as you can rather cloudy and as I was climbing up from the beck now, it was beginning to rain. The path takes the walker up after one mile to Cam High Road – where I essentially saw nothing, finding myself in the cloud!

One keeps walking north-east for another 2 or so miles and reaches the highest point whilst passing by Dodd Fell Hill, then a slow descent towards Hawes begins.

I think it was around Ten End Peat ground where I fell into a bit of a boggy puddle – it was practically impossible to avoid it; the ground was so saturated by rain and damp! – but I was close to the village anyhow.

Slowly, Gaudy Lane, first a small path, changes into a road and as I walked down from the hill and out of the cloud, more views appeared.

Just before reaching Hawes, one crosses the small hamlet of Gayle, south west of Hawes. It was a walk shrouded in mystery (aka a cloud). A different type of experience!

St Margaret’s Church in Hawes

All images from this trip can be seen in the video below:

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