Welcome to my website!

Being surrounded by nature – blades of grass, rolling hills, rocky mountains and the feel of breeze lazily grazing my cheeks – has been the greatest source of contentment, peace and serenity in my life. Nothing else seems to compare to it. Since July 2018, I have been regularly hiking the different trails, ways and paths in Britain, both waymarked and not waymarked. Between then and September 2019, I have traversed over 800 miles on foot. It’s been spectacular, calming. It has reinvigorated me by providing me with a sense of tranquillity whilst I was often exploring areas quite remote, distant and far away from the buzz of civilisation.

The title of this website, The Wandering Cloud, was inspired by William Wordsworth’s poem I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, which is included in my introductory video above. I have found that my encounters with nature, after putting energy into crossing vast distances (often more than 25 miles in a day), indeed provide me with the bliss of solitude and the feeling of dancing with the daffodils. I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something transcendental, deeply philosophical about – like coming back home. It’s not just that I “like” the natural world; rather, it feels I am with nature. It is, without a doubt, a jocund company. It fills my heart – with awe, respect. The beauty and the overwhelming grandeur of some of the places I’ve seen invariable give me shivers and touch me. There were times where, out of sheer feeling, I shed tears of inspiration whilst on the trail.

It needs to be done in silence. One needs to allow the natural world surround and encompass you. One needs to let time slow down to the point it actually disappears. With me, these are the moments I have found myself.

This website is a record of my walks, with a selection of photos from these trails, from both England and Scotland, and some commentary. There is a map provided for each of them. I hope it’s going to inspire you, too, to buy a pair of boots and get out of the city, too.

Enjoy the photos and the accounts from the trail.