Hike up 3,000ft up and down.
You will like your legs better.

Kamil, The Wandering Cloud

After hiking up to Ben Klibreck the day before, on this day, I cycled to the foot of Ben Hop, which is a little distance away from Crask Inn. The record of the hike above does not, of course, include the cycling, which took about 90 minutes, but I am including a few photos from the spectacular morning cycle first.

I took a little break at the foot of the mountain. The hike up is a matter of climbing about 3,000ft up (Ben Hope is at 927m), so I had a little something to eat first. It’s a beautifully quiet place, but, if memory serves, there was a little youth hostel place just before where I was now. I met a gentleman from London there, who was on a walking trip from London to the north, all the way up here. I think it took him about 3 months to do so! – wish I could pull that off one day. He had a back up of two of his friends in a van. He headed up Ben Hope a little earlier than me, but I had a chance to speak to him – very friendly man.

The following images are from the initial 10 minutes of the ascent. Getting to the top takes about 60 minutes. Very quickly, one starts getting awesome, stunning vistas of this area.

I made a short stock in the place in the pictures below – it was a great spot to look around, admire the valley and look at the mountain range. The weather was slightly somewhat cloudy, but looking down it was easier to see the area than it might appear in the photos. However, looking up towards the hill, it was decidedly cloudy up there.

I kept pressing on upwards. The higher up you go, the views are even more and more impressive, of course. It started becoming more and more breathtaking…

…but then the cloud arrived and the actual top of the mountain was essentially blanketed in grey mist, just like the day before, although it was not as cold or windy as on Ben Klibreck.

There was little point staying up there for very long – nothing to see around me! – so I was soon climbing back down.

Yes. You do get wet in the cloud.

Very soon, the visibility started to come back…

…and the rest of the way down provided more spectacular, awe-inspiring views. I needed to stop quite a lot as it was impossible not to be overwhelmed by the grandeur of the surroundings.

Satisfied, I rested back at the foot of the mountain, and took a short and well deserved rest. Down there, suddenly, it was quite sunny and hot. Hot enough to justify some sun protection cream as I was now about to cycle back for two hours back to Crask. The way to here from Crask was mostly downhill, so it would take longer to get back. It was actually quite tiring and exhausting by the time I got back, but I had some of the most breathtaking scenery accompanying me all the way, so I was certainly not complaining.

The stunning weather, and therefore views, accompanied me all the way back to Crask whilst I was cycling on very very quiet roads, passing perhaps two cars on the way. I am adding some photos I took on the way back just below.

The remote village of Altnaharra in the distance. One of the most beautiful remote places I have ever stopped a bike in.

All images from this trip can be seen in the video below:

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